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recep tayyip erdoğan'in "abd'nin osmanlı tokadı yememiş oldukları çok açık" açıklamasını komik bulmuş

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questıon: so you all have been urging – really pleading – with the turkish government not to move their operation eastward from afrin towards manbij. ın response to some of those calls from the u.s., president erdogan said to those who say if they hit us we will respond with force, it is “clear” that they “have never experienced” the “ottoman slap.” so ı guess, first of all, has the u.s. experienced the ottoman slap? (laughter.) ı mean, do you know what he’s referring to? do you have any thoughts on – ı mean, this is a relevant question because it speaks to just the really dire situation between the u.s. and this nato ally. tillerson’s going to be there in a few days.

ms nauert: certainly. as you all know, secretary tillerson is going to turkey, and that’s where he will be meeting with our counterpart. we have had a series of high-level meetings with the turkish government about our concerns, about the escalation of violence in syria, in particular in the afrin area – which, by the way, we are not operating, but nonetheless, it is a concern of ours. ı think the secretary has been very clear with president erdogan about our concerns, about their very legitimate security concerns. we understand that turkey, our nato ally, has legitimate security concerns from some operating in parts of syria. we understand that; we would like to be able to speak with them about what would be a solution that would work not only for them but for those in syria and the united states and others as well.

ı don’t want to get ahead of some of the secretary’s conversations, and as funny as the comment was that you explained to me, ı’m not going to respond to every foreign leader’s comment, and – if you understand that.

questıon: turkey?

ms nauert: okay, we can stick more on turkey. does that – you got it?

questıon: yeah. ı mean, ı guess to your point, when you say you’ve talking with them about ways to address – ı mean, it was several weeks ago when they started their operation that we were talking about some type of joint arrangement to have some stability in that part of northern syria. ı mean, has there been any progress in that? have you been meeting with them on it?

ms nauert: well, ı think the – one of the bigger ways that we are making progress is that the secretary is going there to turkey himself. ı think that shows just how serious this matter is, and how seriously regarded. general mcmaster was talking with them not too long ago. ı know we’ve had many of our experts who are there on the ground having daily engagement with the turkish government about this matter. this is one of the areas of deep, deep concern on the part of the administration and the u.s. government. we certainly don’t want to see things further – violence further escalate there. so we’re watching it very carefully, but ı’m not going to get ahead of some of the secretary’s meetings that he’s going to have.
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Tümünü Göster [3]

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